The Platform for Digital Assets

SphinxChain is a blockchain platform, written from the ground up, designed to cross-trade any Digital Asset. Using decentralized structure and open source code base, SphinxChain is targeting to be a major Trading Platform within the Digital Assets world.

We are starting our Alpha release testing right now ... Learn more about it here.

SphinxChain Features

Open Source

Entirely open-source code

Transaction Rewards

A new concept of mining and rewards

Very Low Fees

Transaction fees are only 0.1%.


All information are fully disclosed.

SPX Wallet

SPX Wallet is our main Client application to interact with SphinxChain, written with Ionic 4 to deploy on multiple platforms with ease.

We are currently testing our Alpha release which targets the testing of (v.0.0.1):

  1. Simple regisration to the SphinxChain netwokr
  2. Obtaining your SPX ID
  3. Adding Digital Assets
  4. Transfering of Digital Assets

Our second release (v.0.0.2) will include:

  1. Market Orders
  2. SPX Tokens

Visit our project wiki for more information.

The project source code could be found here.

Our Roadmap